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Monday, January 3, 2011

Spending Jan 2011

Well time to get my Sh*T together yes I know I said that last year but that is my challenge to myself this year. So I am starting with FOOD as it was the best place to start seeing where I could save more GREEN.....

  1. I did a complete food inventory of both freezers and all cabinets and create a menu of 20 plus meals Just from what I have on hand.
  2. Then pick up needed items for 2+ weeks only fresh items and non-food items (shampoo etc) I currently have milk and bread to use up
  3. Salad I have decided I need more in my food intake.
  4. WATCH Spending just because...
  5. Set a cash budget of money amount for spending for food or non-food items per 2 weeks $50.00. I will take this money out of my account in cash every pay day in $1.00 bills this will help me not spend as much as I will also only take $20.00 with me at a time.
  6. Only use dollar bills and all change will go in coffee can.
  7. Well lets get started shall we.

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