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Monday, January 3, 2011

Quick Curry Rice


I made this last year lol sounds funny only a few weeks ago... But I was very busy at the time w/ personal family issues that didn't allow me time to post online.

I had been hearing a lot about curry this and curry that well I just wanted to start very small with trying the curry spice and see it is all about.
First what the heck is curry powder Curry powder is a blend of up to 20 different herbs and spices, including the commonly used: cardamom, chiles, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, cumin, fennel, fenugreek, mace, nutmeg, pepper, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, saffron, tamarind and turmeric (which gives curry its characteristic golden color). In Indian cooking curry is freshly ground each day (making it far more flavorful and pungent than the mixes sold in the store), and comes in "standard" and "Madras" (hot) versions.

The kind I purchased only listed these ingredients on the label turmeric/black pepper and cumin. Well I used my rice cooker just like I normally would to make white rice but added about ½ tbsp full of turmeric to the water and cooked it

Well it wasn’t bad in taste it was VERY bland…and need a lot of extra help with taste next time I make it I will be adding more garlic and some onions etc.

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