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Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Xmas

Starting the day off w/ a full blown cold..I have been busy this year blogging on my crochet blog location & have forgotten to post here :O) bad girl...This year I have been eating healthier & exercising I have not lose too much weight but my goal was both feel better and get moving so I have done that...In the new year I will be trying a few new idea the Doc suggest and see if that is the reason for the lack of weight...it could be a sugar issue so I will be trying to switch slowly to a GI Diet to get rid of sugar/processed foods in my diet...

I have been busy crocheting like crazy I met my goal of around 50 shawl to donate to Hospice this year so I did really well...

I also made lots of baby blanket for people as well this year so I have been a little busy there too. I/We also crocheted alot of holiday Xmas gifts this year as well....

I am still loving my NOOK too I have read 140 books so far due to having the Nook last year I was not 100 % sure that a Nook was really needed in my world however my Nook is a tablet as well and I use it all the time.. I like being able to download crochet pattern & picture of projects I have completed and they are right at hand vs (taking photos to carry around)which can be a pain and plus cost as well...So I would say my NOOK for $150 last year was a great B-day for me...:O)

Last night we took lots of Holiday pictures when we went light looking as well..

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Welcome to June

Mixing it up at the Gym I have been doing a few combos of different things... I want to list what I was doing and what I am starting to do this week...

Previously GYM M-F
  • 20 mins on Treadmill  & 10 mins in Stationary Bike
  • Weight Machines  & Free Weight Machines
  • 30  mins Stretch Routine on Mat &Basic Stretch Routine
  • Precor Stretch Trainer Chair-Allow me to stretch easier/better
 Change This Week GYM M-F
  • 30 mins in Stationary Bike
  • Weight Machines  & Free Weight Machines
  • 15-30 Launch Pad Stage 1-Video Series/Stretch Routine as well
  • Precor Stretch Trainer Chair-Allow me to stretch easier/better
 Saturday & Sunday-

  • 15-30 Launch Pad Stage 1-Video Series/Stretch Routine as well

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Exercise for Real People not barbie and her friends

I know if you search the net you can find just about anything ya want.. Well after searching high and low I found it...YIPPIE...and I am calling it Exercise for Real People not barbie and her friends but really people like me who are overweight--aka FAT and want to find a place but don't know where to start losing weight but sometimes you don't want others to know plus gym membership for some people including me is costly mine is $20 per month and it's not affordable to everyone so this will work to get you started & then get you up and out of the house!!! The local park is FREE!! and so is your local neighbor hood.

Back to what I found you-tube video series that is awesome!!! 2nd it's free and yes you can do it!!!  I have been doing 7 days a week exercise for months now... (when I started I could only lift say around 5-10 pounds and maybe do like 10 reps) depending on the machine work out now I am up to 40 pound and 20 plus reps and I am not seeing what I want in results or aka feeling it in my muscles anymore so I wanted to switch up my routine and try something else/new...
I few weeks ago I was checking this video out and thought wow great well yesterday I tried a few of the ideas (routine) I could remember on the fly at the gym well let me tell you it looked easy on the video but I found out it was hard for me so I only did 12 reps to start each exercise set but I made it through and guess what I am sore today yippie this means it works those muscle for sure!!! So I am adding the whole routine to my work out every other day to allow rest days...keep ya posted...


Thursday, May 15, 2014

2 month and 6 days

Update what has been going on since I was sick for 2 weeks I still keep walking and walking but was unable to go to the gym I didn't want others sick...I have lost a total of 11 pounds since starting March 9 I have changed most of the bad foods/allowed a day to eat anything (junk/fried foods) keeps me from eating junk every day..I have been menu planning more which helps stop grabbing foods and also allow to get the right stuff. Whole Grains/Fruits

Day 9-24 March
  • Barely walk .20 in 30 mins-7 days a week
  • Used inhaler cause my asthma to kick in 
  • Daily stretch routine-7 days a week
Day 22-31 March
  • NO inhaler needed!!!!!
  • Walk .50 in 30 mins on treadmill 5 days a week
  • Exercise machines 5 days a week
  • Daily stretch routine 
  • Walk 2 days a week at WORK
Day 1-15 April
  • Walk .75 in 30 mins on treadmill 5 days a week
  • Exercise machines 5 days a week
  • Daily stretch routine 
  • Walk 2 days a week at WORK

Day 15-30 April
  • Walk 1.0 MILE/30 mins on treadmill 5 days a week
  • Exercise machines 5 days a week
  • Daily stretch routine 
  • Walk 2 days a week at WORK
Day 1-15 May

  • Walk .80 MILE/20 mins on treadmill 5 days
  • Added stationary biking 10 mins/2 miles
  • Exercise machines-free weight 5 days a week
  • Daily stretch routine 
  • Walk 2 days a week at WORK

Friday, April 18, 2014

Sick & Excercise Routine

Just great I am now sick w/ a head cold and it's working its way into a chest cold. So I am like drink alot of fluids including Gatorade the best part is having to drag a box of tissues every where since my nose will not stop running...
I have decided I don't want others sick so I have to skip the gym until better but I still need to walk every day and exercise my arms and legs..A month ago I bought a 3 pound weight (assuming I would use it however I have yet to try it out) well I went to the library and checked out some books on using weights to tone muscles so this is what I plan to do one side at time since I only got one weight should have bought 2 lesson learned..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 3 @ Gym

Let's talk about the gym experience...Well you sign up then go to your first day. You walk in and are like ok now what? You see all the people working out on treadmills, men flexing in front of the wall of mirrors and think to yourself Where do I start? What should I do first? & how do I do that or How to I turn this machine on? 

So I make my way to the treadmills as I need to walk for 30 mins per my Dietitian as I had been doing at work...So I hit the Quick start button and off I go walking for 15 mins... 
Then I don't just want to have strong legs I want to use my other muscles those ones that have not been used in years. So off to those circuit machines again I am like how do I use this machine? I start checking out the pictures on the machine that tell you how to use them but then the questions is how much weight to start w/ and how many reps per machine.. I can now see why people get intimidated w/ the Gym and gym equipment...
I will update as I go along...and tell you more about the gym experience...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Diet Pudding LOL

I wanted a homemade pudding I could make that was simple as in crockpot style.. For DD who is lactose intolerant well look no more I found it!!! I came across this recipe and had to try it out.. So I grabbed my 1 % milk and some tapioca that I had previous bought for another recipe for this type of pudding that failed badly from the Asian market place which carries lots of things cheaper then supermarkets I can get a big bag of it for under $2.00. So into my 4 quart crockpot went half the recipe so I didn't waste too much milk making this and if it failed I would only toss out some...Cost for me was quart of milk which was on sale $.99 (half used) and maybe for the $.25 of the tapioca cheaper.. So I cooked it for 2 hours stirring it half way thru and at 2 hours it was still very soupy.. But the recipe person stated it would be.. ( I was thinking just great another bowl of wasted stuff)  I let it set for awhile to get to warm added so sugar half a cup..Didn't want overly sweet..put in frig still not thick & let it cool.. I skipped the Egg part I was very worried it would taste eggy that happened w/ the last gross batch I had made!!

This is what I got this AM... Nice Thick Pudding !!! it needs more sugar but I want to try with a few different options so I will test it in a bowls (honey/truvia/vanilla simple syrup/more sugar) and find the one I like best... Guess what I see lots of pudding in my future & I can used 1% or Lactose milk for DD :O) ie I can have this pudding on my Diet plan.....Yielded 4 cups 
Cheaper then store bought 4 little cute cups.Last month Costco had organic tapioca pudding containers same size u get 2 for $7.99 I can see the savings in my future I love pudding...


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Healthier Part 3

The big E word..Exercise! Who me no way...Well part of the plan to lose weight is to get moving..I agreed to walk 3 days a week for 30 mins however I walk 7 days to keep me on track and I avoid allowing myself to say I will tomorrow... The dietitian said I could break the 30 mins into 15 mins time frames when I first start..I have daily stretches as well.

The first week was very hard for me. I was not so aware of being that out of shape & just walking for 15 mins was hard to breath & had to use my inhaler to get my breath but I keep trekking and completed the whole 30 mins..The first few days were hard since I had not stretched never but I keep pushing myself that I need to lose this weight not only for me but so I can be here for my daughter & not have to have her take care of me due to my weight (I never want her to have to wash me or help me dress)...I never want to be that person in a electric wheel chair due to not trying to loose weight..this is my motivation to keep eating better and exercising every day... 

I have been walking since March 9th and I feel better more energy every day I use to be so sleepy all the time. I no longer need my inhaler before or during walking.Plus my knee that was hurting on and off has stopped :O)

I started going to the Gym last week w/ DD she is joining me on this eating healthier & get moving more... 30 mins in the tread mill and 15-30 mins doing the circuit of machines..

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting Healthier Part 2

Let's talk about the first few weeks...I started this on March 1st well that was tons of fun, Not trying to figure everything out and get ready as I work weekend so I put off getting ready until the next weekend when I had time to plan everything out and get ready (measuring/menus/walking routine planned out and try to create a few menus). But while I was getting ready to start I search the net for new recipes/what is a serving information.. The tools from Choose my Plate.gov really helped me figure out thing for servings. 
I am that type of person who can't really see the size of the palm of your hand? Say what??? My brain just don't workie that way.. same as 1 cup is a serving of broccoli have you ever tried to stuff broccoli into a 1 cup measure cup?? not pretty just kidding my that don't work for my brain either when I am trying to prep food I am more of a 12 mini carrots is a serving...So I was able to print cheat sheets for everything I needed to know...Veggie/Fruits//Dairy (Grains/Meats not working w/ these right now but later this month I will be so I printed those as well) and they are all in a quick grab binder near my kitchen..

I have allowed 1 junk food in my snack options not daily but I can have it a few times a week trail mix (choc chips/caramel chips/cranberries/almond & cashews) I limit this as well to 1/4 a cup and I have it ready in container (Tupperware style) .Started limiting my going out to eat we (DD & I ) can only go out one day a week to eat something like (fried chicken & Loaded french fries & soda ) not on my diet plan I must allow this so I will not get off track wanting to eat out 2-3 time a week that includes snacks or crap at the Quicktrip-- that is a gas station in our area (that I end up at sometime 2-4 time a day w/ my job so the temptation is there) I stay in the vehicle while everyone else goes inside to get junk. 

Menu Planning is a MUST for ME even if it's only one day at a time plan. I have changed a few things after week one due not being able to get all my required food items in....I work 4 days a week but I work very weird hours (3 AM-3PM or 3AM to 11 AM) and I work outside of an office building in a vehicle most of the days 2 of my days are 12 hours shift Sat & Sun and 2 are 8  hours shifts Mon & Tue. I have some challenges in when I can eat vs when I am hungry so I have been tweaking this more and I think I got a better plan for this week.. Here is an example of a what I was eating before I started this diet.  

215 AM- Whole Wheat Bagel w/ Almond butter and large cup of milk (1.5 cups with lots of ice) 

or  20 oz smoothie w/ 1.5 cup of yogurt/ fruit/half and half lots of ice

6 AM- 1/2 cup of steel cut oatmeal, 1/2 cup half & half ,brown sugar & cinnamon,and 1/2 cup of dried apples 

or I would go get Mexican Food 1 cup of Mexican rice & 1 cup of refried beans and a lunch bag size of tortilla chips w/ salsa...

11 AM-12 PM if I had Mexican I would still be full but if not the lunch, would be leftover something from the night before example would be a salad (croutons,ranch dressing, peppers, lettuce,cheese) and whole wheat spaghetti w/cheese and lots of veggies

2 PM Snack- Cookies (6 or more)
4-5 PM Dinner- Honey Mustard Chicken breast, loaded baked potato-sour cream-butter-green onions, broccolli

7 PM Snack- Huge bowl of ice cream w/ caramel sauce & cashews..  
To drink every day Lots of Tea w/ ice

Now I eat like this....
2 AM-Half a whole wheat bagel & 32 grapes
7 AM- Chicken Breast/cheese stick/6 carrots/4 whole wheat crackers
12 PM- 3 oz pudding cup-8 strawberries
4-5 PM 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta/spaghetti sauce w/ extra 1/2 cup veggie / 4oz chicken breast w/1/4 cup of cheese and then 1 cup of salad w/ veggie

To drink every day Lots of Tea w/ ice

I changed the breakfast to get my fruit serving in everyday right off the bat and to skip the extra breakfast so that I can have lunch as I was usually to full at lunch time...& then I was to full at dinner some days as well due to all the snacking or junk I ate...

Getting Healthier Part 1

I am posting this here for ME to remind me why I must do this and to keep me on track.. This is part of who I am and what I need to do to help me set small goals and reach them blogging will help me and maybe someone else as well..
I starting off the first of the year w/ getting health insurance and getting into seeing the Doctor. Having everything checked from head to toe it is taking longer due to see various Doctors to make sure I am healthier...

So the after checking out various things I was ready to see the 
Dietitian to help me get going and monitor things for me...So I have..:O) Guess what I am overweight LOL really I didn't know!! Just kidding I have been overweight for as long as I can remember even at before age 12...why do I know this do I worn boys jeans (called husky size)

First step in this get healthier diet plan for me was to set a small goal I didn't want to set goals I can't reach so I starting w/ 27 so I can get under a certain number I must reach... then I will start on the next 20 pounds or whatever but the first is important to me...

2nd step was increase my eating healthier foods as well as getting right amounts for what I should be eating as I was not eating correctly.. so 3 simple changes to start this month was 

Increase dairy to 2-3 servings a day
Increase fruit to 2 everyday
Increase veggies to 2 cups per day

3rd step was get moving- the big E word.....Exercise..   Every day I must follow a simple stretch routine that the Dietitian gave me..I needed per the Dietitian was to walk 30 mins... This will be new for me the goal that I said to the Dietitian that I would walk 3 days a week to start...Well I decided that would not work for me so I started walking every DAY for 30 mins...so I wouldn't say oh I will tomorrow no excuses!!!!