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Who Am I? Family of 3 adults plus 1 pet kitty on 1 income trying to live like I have an unlimited budget & I have to STOP!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May Spending...$132.61

Safeway $5.80- Tortillas & Salad Dressing
Walmart $40.95 had a few unexpected items I had to purchase
Walmart $5.26 Lunch meat-Carrots
Family Dollar $25.00-Storage bags/Paper products/Soaps
Sprouts $ 16.45 bought fruits/veggies/Cashew butter
Dollar Store $22.53
Walmart $13.71
Oriental Market $2.91-Chili Sauce & Sesame seeds

I don't even want to guess what I spend this past 31 days..:O) I forgot to keep all my receipts but I am getting alot better on a few things..

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Menu

Sat 1-Hamburgers & Potato Rings
Sun 2- Tuna Noodle & Canned Veggies
Mon 3-Lettuce Wrap Tacos & Mexican Rice & Refried beans
Tue 4- Fix it yourself night
Wed 5-Shredded Chicken Enchiladas & Mexican Rice & Refried beans
Thu 6-???
Fri 7-Chicken Salad
Sat 8-Meatloaf w/ Mashed potatoes & corn on cob
Sun-9- Leftovers from the 8th
Mon10- Southwestern Egg rolls & Chicken Sausage Cheese Dip
Tue 11-Leftovers
Wed 12-Sesame Noodles
Thur 13-
Lasagna w/ breadsticks
Fri 14-Leftover Lasagna w/ bread sticks
Sat 15-Taco Salad
Sun 16-T-Burgers w/ Tator Tots
Mon 17-Fix it yourself
Tue 18-Salads
Wed 19-Wild Rice Casserole
Thur 20-Leftovers
Fri 21-Graduation Dinner out
Sat 22-Fix it your self
Sun 23-Lunch Meat/Cream Cheese Spread & Crackers
Mon 24- Lamb/Sweet Potatoes/Salad/ Veggie at the neighbors
Tue 25-Baked Potatoes/Broccoli and Cheese w/ Salad
Wed 26 Shredded Chicken Enchiladas w/ Mexican Rice & Salad
Thur 27 Meatloaf w/ Sweet Potatoes & Salad
Fri 28
Leftover Meatloaf w/ Sweet Potatoes & Salad & Corn Cob
Sat 29 Chicken/Salad/Sweet Potatoes/Corn on Cob
Sun 30 Fix it yourself
Mon-31 Meatloaf

May Spending

I will try to keep track of my budget better this month I must stop shopping randomly by doing a few things.
  1. Cash only (Debit Card only to pull out the weekly spending allowance)
  2. Change Bucket that I will count at the end of the month that will go into the bank & the end of the month so I can start saving $$
  3. Must use what is in the house until then except for Milk/Bread/Fresh Fruits & Veggies/Household products budgeting no more then $60.00
Wishing me Luck!!!!