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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crochet Preemie Hats

I have been busy whipping up preemie hats to donate here are a few hats I have mad. I started doing the 4 X 4 size but realized I needed to do a some smaller 3 x 3 as well to donate.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Fiesta Rice

K.I.S.S and plus easy to eat on the go at work in a van.. I came across this quick recipe that I could whip up and eat on the go plus doesn't have to be HEATED UP.. Very tasty plus I usually have everything in the house except the Limes..EZ to add to the shopping list..I also plan to add shredded or diced chicken to this mix as well..

It's in the Bag

I wanted to have my snacks for my lunches but I didn't want to have to package these daily or rush trying to get them together before walking out the door before work at 245 am. So I decided to only by enough snacks for 4 days worth of snacks and then baggie them up into a box in the cabinet..Takes me 2 seconds to grab out and drop into my lunch box...K.I.S.S.

Homemade Granola Bar

I surfed the web and found this recipe hoping I might like with a few tweaks for things I prefer in a bar. THESE were better then just good they are a keeper for sure recipe.. I can't get enough of this granola bars.. I have already made a second batch with a few extra ingredients I used oatmeal/cranberries/strawberries/blueberries/cherries/pumpkin seeds/pecans/macadamia nuts/flax seed/sunflower seeds/10 grain mix

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crochet Flappy Hats To Donate

I came across a little crochet flappy girl hat pattern however I didn't want the extra ribbon on the hat so I used  just the shell stitch part and added that to the hat pattern I had already been using (combining 2 hat patterns yet again :O))the top part of the hat uses this pattern concept however I changed how this hat is done as well I do it in the round to remove that joining seam most hats get then I decrease from DC to Half DC 2 rows then to SC 2 rows then finish off...excuse the water bottle hat stand as I was a work when I took the picture and gave the hat to my boss for his granddaughter..

Monday, August 6, 2012

Crochet Popsicle Covers

I created this as joke for one of the employee's I work with since they eat alot of Popsicle at work due to the heat outside but all of them complain that it's cold to hold onto..

Crochet Pacifer Holder

Scrap yarn to create these small pacifier holders and a button take less then 1 hour to whip these up as well :O)

Crochet PC Mouse Holder

My mom need a small bag to keep her PC mouse in on her back pack for work so I whipped up this in less then 1 hour including sewing the button on..:O) getting faster sewing the buttons on...I now plan to make one of these for me for work a little smaller to carry a phone..

Crochet Utensil Holder

I wanted some way to carry my utensils  for work so I whipped up these quick carriers I have 2 one for dirty and one for clean. 
These whip up in less then 1 hours since trying to get that button sewed on the tiny space is tricky...


Preemie Hats

I have been busy working an teenie tiny preemie hats to donate to Hospice of the Valley. They measure 4 x 4 using a H hook as I crochet a little too tight so I went up a hook size....I got the pattern from here...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

You Tube Beanie Part 3

Along the way while making these hats I made a few changes from rows w/ joins stitch to round (done in a spiral w/ DC to Half DC to SC to finish off to remove that crazy seam that gets created ) and the hooks I have been using along with a few new pictures using the Beanie pattern...Love this pattern can't wait for winter to get here in Phoenix so I can start donating them..Man I have been using up my yarn stash like crazy...

G Hook- Newborn
H Hook-Baby
I Hook- 2- 4 years old
J Hook- Older Kids
K Hook- Adult Women
L Hook- Adult Men

This is my fave one so far!!!

This was a newborn hat done following the original pattern I find the original pattern doesn't stretch as much as I found doing it in the round spiral :O)

The hat was done in the round!!!  it's a little bit bigger and stretches nicely..