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Monday, January 3, 2011

Spending Jan 2011

Today I started at the 99 cent store as it is also next to my other favorite store Sprouts where I usual pick up veggies etc. Well I was able to save a lot of money today.

My total spending was $24.00 I purchased a variety of things and I put a back a few as well after thinking things out.


3 packages of diaper wipes

3 bottle of dye free Dish soap

1 bottle of suave shampoo

1 bottle of suave container

2 bottle of Dial Hand soap

2 packages of Bean-o Melting tabs

2 packages of Anti-itch cream


2 package of baby romaine lettuce and 1 bag of spinach


3 bags of roasted almonds
these bags are 5.5 oz


2 bottles of Mexican Vanilla
1 package of sliced Crimini mushrooms (never tried these)

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