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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

5 minute Ice Cream

3 Simple Ingredients

10 oz Strawberries
2/3 cups Heavy Whipping Cream
1/2 cup Sugar


Following the instructions to just drop the berried into the food processor however that didn't work out so will it just keep spinning them so fast that it would move the blade on top of the berries causing the processor to stop. So I pulled them out and let them sit in a bowl on the counter.

The berries wouldn't break so easily in the food processor while frozen so I let them sit for 10 minutes to soften up some then I decided to assist the breaking up part by chopping them up some then back into the food processor to be Spun around..


Don't these berries like nice now that that broke up better I then added about less then 1/2 cup of sugar I don't prefer super sweet ice cream...Then I spun it some more!!!

I only have imitation vanilla but I have really been wanting to make some of my own...I added 2 tsp. of this as well.

Doesn't this ice cream look all nice and pretty yet nice a Super Soft


To get harder ice cream style I placed it in this container and into the oven...

Price Break down
: $5.58

Berries- were in the freezer but cost $1.99 for a 16 oz bag
Sugar- had on hand but a bag cost $1.99
Heavy Whipping Cream- Didn't have on hand Cost $1.50

Verdict: Love it have been using it for 2 weeks in my AM smoothie recipes...Also have tried making it with just berries and vanilla yogurt good as well..:O) KEEPER

Monday, March 14, 2011

Crochet Crockpot Lid Cover


Tired of burning your fingers on that Crockpot lid? Or trying to use a potholder which is usually WAY too BIG.....and your almost drop your like at least once every time you use it...Not anymore......

Update: Pattern Instructions

I use the
magic circle method to start this works easier for me and a G or H hook depending on the type of yarn

Chain 2 Half double crochet 6 times into the circle (7 including the chain 2) Pull the circle closed then slip stitch into the first loop of the chain 2

Chain 2 then half double crochet 2 times in every half double crochet around.

Then slip stitch into the first loop of the chain 2

Chain 2 half double crochet around in every half double crochet around.
Then slip stitch into the first loop of the chain 2

Repeat the above row until deep enough to over your lid piece (mine only take 5 rows total...)

Then chain 2 and then 2 half double crochet in to each half double crochet around.
Then slip stitch into the first loop of the chain 2

Repeat the above one more time if you want it more ruffly use 3 half double crochet around in each half double crochet..

Finish off and tuck in all your tails...

** Hope this makes sense since this is my first pattern written..**

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mango Smoothie


I still have over half of that nice huge Yogurt container left now what the yeck to make.. I had purchased a mango to make a smoothie with it :O) and I am VERY glad I did..It was great loved the taste.... The previous smoothie/shake tasted very SOUR!! this was just plain nice and drinkable. ....I found the recipe here...

Verdict: This is a recipe I would keep on hand to use when i want a quick drink on the way to work.. I really need to start drinking things other that Dr. Pepper which I am very addicted too. the only change I would make would be to use frozen mango pieces as this would make the drink colder which is the way I prefer drinks....

Dairy Free Mini Cheese Cakes


I went in search of a recipe for dd who is Lactose intolerant and desires cheesecake plus back in November we purchased 2 container of Tofutti cream cheese as you can see I still have one leftover so located this recipe


So into a bowl when the 8 oz package of Tofutti cream cheese and the powdered sugar I add the lemonade in place of the lemon juice and rid since I didn't have that on hand. Beat it well...

Into foil lined muffin cups the mixtures went and into the refrigerator to set up..

Verdict: Currently waiting for it to set 3 hours later...update later

Strawberry Shake

Original Recipe HERE
1 cup of plain yogurt
1/4 cup of strawberry preserves
1 banana-can't eat them so no banana
4 ice cubes- I used 2 hand fulls
Garnish Stuff-Omitted
Milk-to thin out

Mixed the ingredients up in blender and poured in to glass...

Verdict: VERY SOUR!!!!.Must be the yogurt.. Added some sugar and lots of more ice next time with use fresh berries as well plus vanilla extract..

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cream Cheese Veggie Pasta

It started off with a clearance container of Chicken Fajita for Regular price $6.35 clearance was $3.80 still kind of high for some diced chicken which looked to be about 2 chicken breasts. However I came across a $1.50 off a package of chicken laying in the meat dept :O) Score got the package for $2.30...
I also come across this new product as well... This was on sale for 2 for $5.00 however they also had a coupon for $1.50 off score again!!! So then I was was like now what? Maybe a stir fry type mix with pasta? So I also grabbed some pasta as well as veggie mix to add in..
I got started with getting water to boil in the stove and frying up the chicken strips pieces to make a nice crunchy texture on the outside.
In the frig I also has mushrooms and mini bell pepper that I needed to use up so I diced them up to fry as well..
After the chicken was done I got to work with those peppers in the frying pan as to not waste the food..
I also grabbed the mixed frozen veggie I picked up as well to add into the pasta as well. I placed them into a bowl and nuke to soften then I fried them up some as well..

The cooked chicken & veggie were place into containers to create 4 different meals I prefer to only have to cook once and reheat :O) since I am only cooking for one.. Plus why cooked chicken twice when I can cook it all at once it saves time.
Into the frying pan went the following ingredients
1/2 Veggies
1/2 cup of chicken
Angel Hair pasta
1/2 of the tub of Cream Cheese Sauce

It was very thick!!!! so I added some milk to thin it out...It still needed something??
So I added 2 tbsp of sour cream and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese and red pepper flakes
Verdict: Nothing special in taste it is not something I would make again...:O) Waste of all those veggie & ingredients...The new cream cheese sauce lacks flavor as well as pour ability to use in recipes. I would make everything with out the cream cheese/sour cream and cheese...

Crochet Diagonal Baby Bib and Square Bib


New baby projects....I found this Pattern to learn how to do this diagonal type of pattern it was pretty easy :O0 I thought/assumed it be really hard the hard part was just reading and understanding for me I am more of a visual person...

The Square bib Pattern however I changed it since I was not big on the Lacey button look so I took 2 patterns and merged them....Here is the second Pattern

I think I did very well :O)