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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Homemade Meal-Tip 1


1 package of turkey burgers $3.99- yields 4 meals
1 small bag of potatoes $1.00- yields 4 meals
Total $4.99 plus tax Yields 4 meals So why making dinner at home COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!

Let's talk about the buns for the Burgers they are optional items for me. The only cost is what you see above. Dress the burger with household ingredients already on hand
Shredded Cheese/ Peperoncini & BBQ Sauce.

Potato Talk-Dressed these up as well from the house using half and half (need to use up)then topped it with some leftover spicy green chili salsa that (need to be used)and shredded cheese YUMMY!!!

So still all for under $6.00 Cheaper then McDonald's dollar menu....for 4 burgers and 4 small fries...I also had soda in the house to that was free too :O)

Don't get me wrong I go out for lunch once in awhile but it is always under $6.00.

Wendy's-Spicy Chicken Go Wrap/FRY/Soda-$5.50
Barros Pizza-2 slices and Soda with ranch for $4.50
Little Caesars-Bread-sticks and sauce for $2.50

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