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Who Am I? Family of 3 adults plus 1 pet kitty on 1 income trying to live like I have an unlimited budget & I have to STOP!!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kitty Update

Well over the last week the kitty has gotten really sick she lost 1 lb she only weighted 2.0 lbs. She had to stay over night Saturday at the vets for IV for fluids, check-up and to get a stool sample as she has really bad Diarrhea and slept 24/7.

Well we brought her home Sat w/
antibiotic/ parasite medicine and special vitamins and special kitty food. Well this morning she is getting sick again and is not drinking and she has bad Diarrhea again. They did say she may get sicker before she gets better.

We called the vet this am and off to the store to get her pedialyte and guess what Baby chicken food.She needs the liquid and the baby food to try and calm the stomach...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Family Member


Needs a name....Got any Ideas?
She 2 months and just over 2 lbs she is very tiny... She is a baby for sure loves to cuddle and be right with you on your shoulder.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy B-Day Week......But I am sick

Sun- BBQ Chicken Sandwich
Mon- Skillet
Chicken Enchiladas
Tue- 2 Step Chicken Broccoli Divan- Salad
B-Day- Crock-pot
Divine Chicken Spaghetti Sauce with Bread Sticks
Thu- Leftovers
Fri-Boxed Noodles and Baked Beans

My daughter thawed the homemade sauce I made a few weeks ago the mixed it with some quick cooked noodles & we stopped at Little Caesars to get bread sticks for $1.50 a bag. She is also planning to whip up a batch of brownies in a box. Plus she cleaned the Kitchen. :O)

Just found out I got the creep & crud AKA (
bronchitis) and it is getting worse but I will be starting meds tonight..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekly Menu Oct 4th to Oct 10

Sun-Turkey Burgers/ Baked Beans/ Mac & Cheese or Cheesey Rice
Cheesy Canned Chicken/Broccoli/ Rice Casserole
Tue- Sloppy Joes and Mac & Cheese
Wed- Grilled Cheese & Soup
Thur-Fix it yourself
Fri- Turkey Burgers
Sat-Pork Chop for BF/ Chicken Breast for DD & Me

This weekend we are having a yard sale so since Wed we have been getting ready for it so moving boxes etc kept us busy so next week will be better I hope..:O)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Eggplant Au Gratin

I used the homegrown eggplants I got from my mom to try and make the above recipe from http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Eggplant-Au-Gratin/Detail.aspx . The only changes to the recipe was I cut and salted the eggplant to remove bitterness and moisture and I placed it in this larger bowl as I don't have ramekins. Plus who can get a meal out of a small ramekin?
I liked the recipe idea the only thing I didn't like as the seedy taste... it was like eating sunflower seeds in your Spaghetti :O)