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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crochet Neckwarmer


Started with a chain of 34 but next time I think I will do less as it seems too BIG (to wide) so maybe around 28.. I wanted to create a scarf for my dad that he didn't have to worry about loosing it just slide right over your head and down your neck...plus less inches to get in the way or could in a zipper of a coat.


As you can see it can nicely fit up around your ear/nose to keep you warm on cold nights.


Or you can easily dress up an outfit or hid a few Love Marks...

Monday, December 26, 2011

Xmas Gift

My mom got a KIA Soul months ago and my dad after seeing her type of car commercial on TV decided she need a Sock Monkey to RIDE around in here car just like the one on TV so she got a cute one for Xmas :O) LOL.. WE VOTED MY DAD IS LOOSING HIS MIND!!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crochet Winter Set

The set was made with some fine baby yarn in a nice pale pink I used 2 strands to get a nice thick strand & a size M then L hook when needed and use up lots of baby yarns laying around that I picked up at thrift stores...I plan to give it to my set to my co-worker for her daughter for Xmas...I took everyone advice on length of the scarf and went with 5.5 feet...PATTERN HERE




Sunday, December 18, 2011

Crochet Fingerless Gloves

I was asked by a co-worker if I knew how to make fingerless gloves however I had tried to make a pair over a year ago and ended up with them big SO Big that 3 peoples hand still had room in them so I tried again last night the blue pair is made with 1 ball of blue cotton Peaches and Cream Brand

Here is my hand modeling them boy is it hard to photo them on your own hands!!!!!

So I want to see how much different I needed to edit the pattern if I used RHSS yarn which at Walmart is only $2.28 a ball I figure I can yield over 2 pairs per Skein.....

So what do you think?????


Update: I made these using some baby yarn I used 2 strands to create these :O0 baby Soft

Monday, December 12, 2011

Skillet Safety 101

A quick scrappy yarn crochet project that will come in handy if you have those HOT IRON SKILLETS. They whip up in less then 15 mins. Pattern Link

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crochet Purse for DD

After Frog it again I removed a few extra rows on the base piece found the center (of the wrong side) Should have been the RIGHT SIDE ie the INSIDE NOT the outside..

Using the Purple YARN when you find the inside center skipping 3-5 stitch spaces from the sides to keep it from being to close to the sides as those fold up/be stitched in later as you go around with the GRAY YARN. With the purple yarn single crochet down the center then continue creating enough rows I used a Half double crochet going up to create the center pocket divider up as far you want the pocket to be.

As I worked with the gray yarn I grabbed the purple pocket and single crocheted the purple/gray together attaching it together creating a pocket as you work the purse

As you can see now have a bag with an inside pocket as this solid purple ( note next time I would use double tread strand here as well as this flexes too much) I have crocheted using the MC Gray and add CC Purple to mix it up.

2nd shot of the inside pocket

Currently I have completed the crochet part of bag only thing left to finish crocheting the strap and add the plastic buckles to keep the bag closed :O)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

More Slouchy Hats

I find this mulitcolor purple hat to be still to big..

I love this hat I need to have someone take a picture of me wearing so you can really see how it fits on a person head it is so pretty :O) love this new pattern better then the pattern I was using for the mulitcolor one..pattern is a keeper

So what do you guys think?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Crochet Slouchy Hat

I want to see if I could make a slouchy hat well after switching hooks 3 times and ripping it out 3 times I got it done. I plan to try a different pattern just to give it a try but this worked well however I changed the last few rows to SC with a decrease since I couldn't figure out how to do a double crochet decrease...:O) I would add extra rows at the bottom as well maybe as many at 5 rows as it seems not to slouch as well like it needs more space on ones head to do that I may just add them in today :O) what you guys think of this hat? Is the hat too big/slouchy? Need more slouchy? or more row near the end forehead area to make it wider/longer?Any comments would be GREAT!!! Thanks for viewing...

Crochet Hats

Adult Hats made it a little bit longer so it would row well for winter

Just whipped this up love the colors made adult & child size

The green one was nice and soft yet very stretchy adult size

This was just a straight whipped up beanie style hat to fit just over the ears

Men's Hat was a joke for the guys at work as last year they were told they had to wear orange reflector vests so I thought a nice orange hat would be good too :O) as you can see it's long but rolls up well.

Baby's Hat

Baby's Hat

Hat for my 5 year old niece

Hat for my 5 year old niece

Baby's Hat

These are a few hats styles I have made the adult colors I made one for a 5 year old as well just didn't repeat the pictures :O) I have made about 20 hats all together.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oct Menu

Set the budget to under $300 this month and keep planning and working hard to use the stuff in the freezer and not shop for extras just because it's called menu planning dd is still having issues with not wanting to eat all of the sudden so trying to get a dinner idea out of her is VERY hard...Plus her ODC is up and running right now as you can see with the Tacos

Monday 3-Leftover Chinese food

Tuesday 4- Turkey Burgers and Potatoes
Wednesday 5-Taco and Leftover Chinese Rice
Thursday 6-Leftover Tacos again
Friday 7-
Saturday 8-
Sunday 9-
Monday 10-
Tuesday 11-
Wednesday 12-
Thursday 13-
Friday 14- Happy B-day too me
Saturday 15-
Sunday 16-

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sept Spending

I started off Sept with a fully packaged freezer and pretty stocked pantry however I overspend last month $422 way too much for 2 people now mind you that alot of the things in my spending is not just food it's anything spent at any store be it toilet paper or Ziploc baggies.
This month so far I have been trying really hard to stay under my $300 budget I set at the first of the month currently 4 days too go and I am currently at $271.00.
Update spend only $296.93 I did it now to shoot for lower this month :O)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Freezing Crockpot Steel Cut Oatmeal

1 cup of steel cut oatmeal
3-4 cups of water in crockpot on low 4-5 hrs.

Yield 5 (1/2 cup portions

I am able to purchase steel cut oatmeal in bulk at Sprouts usually when on sale for 50 cents a pound regular price $1.00 a pound...Cheaper then any where else...most places are $5.99 for 24 oz...
I prefer to cook it on my day off when I am around the house or early evening and then freeze it into 1/2 cup portions that quickly reheat in the microwave anywhere I have even taken it to work in my to go mug :O0 Yummy breakfast... These containers are 5 for $1.00 (8 oz or 1 cup)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crochet Snood Hair Net Part 3

Well I took a different pattern and made that style it worked up alot better with only 2 row changes using a smaller crochet hook :O) to get it tighter around the face I think the next one I crochet I will use a smaller hook for the whole snood so what you guys think of the snood??