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Sunday, April 8, 2012

McKinley's Springtime Hat Part 2

I wanted to be able to make this cute hat in acrylic yarn as well as I have 3 huge boxes of this type of yarn and lots of scrap balls . I got to work making it boy was it a challenge for me LOL...The newborn pink hat I used a G hook after Frog many hats and I added a few extra rows of sc to allow for baby grown worked with RHSS yarn I will have to go back and try the hobby lobby brand as it stretches alot more.
The toddler size I used a H hook did only 3 increase rows and added 2 more rows of the shells and about 6-8 rows of sc total this hat is looks like it will stretch well..I too used RHSS yarn for this..Seems like it has lots of extra room for kids hair plus for older toddler/children I had my doubts because it looked HUGE but worked out great...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

McKinley's Springtime Hat

This pattern is from Raverly it's called McKinley's Springtime hat by Kirsten Spritzer. The white hat was made following the pattern using the G hook called for in the pattern measurement to be 16 inches around however it came out smaller so I started a new hat using yellow crochet cotton using an H hook and it came out perfect w/ a little extra stretch for growth.. This hat whips up quickly.I can't wait to make more to share and donate..