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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sick & Excercise Routine

Just great I am now sick w/ a head cold and it's working its way into a chest cold. So I am like drink alot of fluids including Gatorade the best part is having to drag a box of tissues every where since my nose will not stop running...
I have decided I don't want others sick so I have to skip the gym until better but I still need to walk every day and exercise my arms and legs..A month ago I bought a 3 pound weight (assuming I would use it however I have yet to try it out) well I went to the library and checked out some books on using weights to tone muscles so this is what I plan to do one side at time since I only got one weight should have bought 2 lesson learned..

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 3 @ Gym

Let's talk about the gym experience...Well you sign up then go to your first day. You walk in and are like ok now what? You see all the people working out on treadmills, men flexing in front of the wall of mirrors and think to yourself Where do I start? What should I do first? & how do I do that or How to I turn this machine on? 

So I make my way to the treadmills as I need to walk for 30 mins per my Dietitian as I had been doing at work...So I hit the Quick start button and off I go walking for 15 mins... 
Then I don't just want to have strong legs I want to use my other muscles those ones that have not been used in years. So off to those circuit machines again I am like how do I use this machine? I start checking out the pictures on the machine that tell you how to use them but then the questions is how much weight to start w/ and how many reps per machine.. I can now see why people get intimidated w/ the Gym and gym equipment...
I will update as I go along...and tell you more about the gym experience...

Friday, April 11, 2014

Diet Pudding LOL

I wanted a homemade pudding I could make that was simple as in crockpot style.. For DD who is lactose intolerant well look no more I found it!!! I came across this recipe and had to try it out.. So I grabbed my 1 % milk and some tapioca that I had previous bought for another recipe for this type of pudding that failed badly from the Asian market place which carries lots of things cheaper then supermarkets I can get a big bag of it for under $2.00. So into my 4 quart crockpot went half the recipe so I didn't waste too much milk making this and if it failed I would only toss out some...Cost for me was quart of milk which was on sale $.99 (half used) and maybe for the $.25 of the tapioca cheaper.. So I cooked it for 2 hours stirring it half way thru and at 2 hours it was still very soupy.. But the recipe person stated it would be.. ( I was thinking just great another bowl of wasted stuff)  I let it set for awhile to get to warm added so sugar half a cup..Didn't want overly sweet..put in frig still not thick & let it cool.. I skipped the Egg part I was very worried it would taste eggy that happened w/ the last gross batch I had made!!

This is what I got this AM... Nice Thick Pudding !!! it needs more sugar but I want to try with a few different options so I will test it in a bowls (honey/truvia/vanilla simple syrup/more sugar) and find the one I like best... Guess what I see lots of pudding in my future & I can used 1% or Lactose milk for DD :O) ie I can have this pudding on my Diet plan.....Yielded 4 cups 
Cheaper then store bought 4 little cute cups.Last month Costco had organic tapioca pudding containers same size u get 2 for $7.99 I can see the savings in my future I love pudding...