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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Snap Shot of Arizona

Blooming Cactus
Blooming Cactus
Just out for a stroll
He was showing off for a girl bird that was just outside the shot...
If you look really really hard you will see a kitty watching a birdie    

Basic Mesh-Filet Shawl

As it's getting to be spring/summer here in Phoenix some days it's in the 80*F and some nights are still under 60*F. I have decided to try a few new shawl patterns to open up my creative options LOL I was getting bored w/ the same 3 patterns.. I came across this one called  One Skein Basic Filet Shawl at first I was having a few issues understanding it but one I re-read it a few times got it going.. Here is a picture for now I am still working on it..can't wait to see if finished....

Close up of the beginning of the shawl

Completed summer shawl

Monday, March 11, 2013

Daughter's Crochet Creations

Showing of my DD crochet talent first baby blanket she has made and she has only been crocheting for less then a year.I think she did an Awesome job...This blanket was an order from a friend at work so she will be MAKING some extra $$ as well...

This is a close up of the stitches and how she put it together with a single crochet...Lots of trial and error to get this look this good..

Friday, March 8, 2013

Books of 2013

Lets get busy tracking what I have been reading for 2013 now that it's March.

30 Check Mate My Lord--Tracey Devlyn
31 All He Ever Needed #4- Shannon Stacey
32 All He Ever Desired #5- Shannon Stacey
33 All He Ever Dreamed#6- Shannon Stacey
34 One Texas Night-Jodi Thomas
35 June (Brides of the West) #2 Lori Copeland
36 Hope (Brides of the West) #3 Lori Copeland
37 Glory (Brides of the West) #4 Lori Copeland
38 Ruth (Brides of the West) #5 Lori Copeland
39 Patience (Brides of the West) #6 Lori Copeland
40  A Certain Wolfish Charm (Westfield Wolves) #1 Lydia Dare 
41 Tall, Dark and Wolfish (Westfield Wolves)#2  Lydia Dare 
42 The Wolf Next Door (Westfield Wolves) #3 Lydia Dare 
43 The Taming of the Wolf (Westfield Wolves) #4 Lydia Dare 
44 The Wolf Who Loved Me (Westfield Wolves)#5 Lydia Dare  
45 Wolfishly Yours- (Westfield Wolves) #6 Lydia Dare 
46 It Happened One Bite(Regency Vampyre Trilogy)#1 Lydia Dare 
47 In the Heat of the Bite(Regency Vampyre Trilogy)#2 Lydia Dare 
48 Never Been Bit (Regency Vampyre Trilogy ) #3 Lydia Dare 

49 Notorious Nineteen- Janet Evanovich   
50 Rain Song- Alice J. Wisler     
51 Sins of a Wicked Duke -Sophie Jordan      
52 Surrender to me- Sophie Jordan

53 Summer Dream #1 -Martha Rogers 
54  Autumn Song #2- Martha Rogers 
55 Winter Promise # 3- Martha Rogers 
56 Deeply Devoted  #1- Maggie Brendan 
57 Twice Promised # 2- Maggie Brendan

58 Cowboy books- Joanna Kennedy
59 Tall, Dark and Cowboy- Joanna Kennedy
60 Cowboy tough- Joanna Kennedy
61 Cowboy fever- Joanna Kennedy
62 One fine cowboy- Joanna Kennedy
63 Cowboy trouble- Joanna Kennedy
64-Cowboy crazy- Joanna Kennedy
65 Cowboy Tough- Joanna Kennedy
66 Cowboy Trouble- Joanna Kennedy
67-Caine's Reckoning (Hell's Eight) # 1- Sara McCarty
68 Sam’s Creed (Hell's Eight) # 2 - Sara McCarty
69 Tucker’s Claim (Hell's Eight) # 3- Sara McCarty
70 Trackers Sin (Hell's Eight) #4- Sara McCarty
71 Passions of a Wicked Earl #1 (London's Greatest Lovers Series) Lorraine Heath
72 Pleasures of a Notorious Gentleman #2 (London's Greatest Lovers Series)Lorraine Heath
73 Waking Up With the Duke #3 (London's Greatest Lovers Series) Lorraine Heath
74 As an Earl Desires book #1 (The Lost Lords) Lorraine Heath
75 A Matter of Temptation #2(The Lost Lords) Lorraine Heath       
76 Promise Me Forever #3(The Lost Lords) Lorraine Heath
77 She Tempts the Duke #1 (Lost Lords of Pembrook) Lorraine Health
78 Lord of Temptation #2 (Lost Lords of Pembrook) Lorraine Health
79 Texas Destiny-- Lorraine Heath
80 A shared Range- Andrew Grey
81 Cowboy Lust- Delilah Devlin
82 Exclusively Yours-Shannon Stacey
83 Mail-Order Bride (His Unexpected Wives) #2 Maureen McKade
84 Once Tempted Once Tempted (Silver Creek) #1 Laura Moore
85 One fine cowboy- Joanna Kennedy
86 Out of Control (Kincaid Brides) #1 Mary Connealy
87 Steamlust (Steampunk Erotic Romance) Kristina Wright
88 The Texan's Wager (Wife Lottery #1) Jodi Thomas
89 Twice Loved (Belles of Timber Creek)# 1 Lori Copeland
90 Claimed by the Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan) #1 Michelle Willingham
91 Seduced by Her Highland Warrior (MacKinloch Clan )#2  Michelle Willingham