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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Spending Jan 2011 part 2

Well my mom purchased me a new phone so I needed a new cell phone car charger which was not a planned expense however I shopped around before a just grabbed one off the shelf..
But I did I price comparison and think I got a good deal what you think?

Tmobile Store $24.99

Dollar Stores- None (sometimes I find things here for $1.00 )
Quick Trip Gas Stations-$11.99

Dollar General Store- $8.00

I grabbed one from Dollar General for $8.00 since my Big Lots was not open until 9 and I was out shopping around 7 am (since I had to work) sometimes Big Lots will have chargers for around $5.00 however I was off to work and since I was not sure if my phone (charge was enough since this was a new phone not sure how long it would be charged hour wise)

What I learned about my new cell phone OH Wait I forgot to tell you what kind I got :O) Samsung Gravity 3 - Marine Blue one of those cute (not so new any more style phone that was so in about 8m-1 year ago )keyboard phones for TEXTING. Love that part makes it so much easier for me at work. Since I text a lot while I am at work since I may not be (desire everyone to hear what I have to say) I can text my family & friends while people around me know NOTHING.... NOSY people... Here is a picture of it :O) ain't it cute as a button..

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