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Monday, February 7, 2011

Trader Joe Shopping


A few items I purchased last week and added to this weeks picture due to they will be used in recipes this week :O)

2 bags of ORZO pasta .99 cents each love this pasta from Trader Joe's
1 bag of Rice Blend it was under $2.00
1 spicy mustard LOVE THIS item from here..$1.50 or less
1 package of turkey burgers-4 meals for $3.30 great deal..


3 bags of frozen diced multicolored bell peppers $1. 69 ** I went to 3 different places checking on pepper prices as most of my recipes this 2 weeks called for diced peppers I have know that green peppers are cheapest usually around 50 cent each & red and yellow usually being around 79 cents to over $1.25 each I decided $1.69 and in the freezer (ready to use as much or as little as needed..(Note to self this summer when prices are low freeze some for recipes later in the year)

1 bag of butter lettuce love this stuff $1.99 but I have found that this brand stays fresh for a week where other types/brand this winter have been yucky the next day :O)

1 head of broccoli - I can diced it up myself (I know how) for $1.69 very nice looking

1 bag of molasses cookies very pricey but I budgeted a special treat $3.99

2 cans of Whipped Cream in a can -Love Trader Joe's brand and $2.69 but will last me all month so it was cheap...

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