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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spinach Black Bean Quesadilla

It started off with a basic recipe here on Thursday morning before work....however I played just grab the leftover ingredients from the refrigerator (as not to waste thing and went with that) as most of you know I am just that way........
I used what type I had on hand from my mom giving me 2 packages of this brand...:O) FREE!!!

The answer is not every picture is perfect as is life and cooking so I like to add a little character to my blogging...I mashed up the leftover chili beans from the lasagna meal the other night..
I yet again a sauteed up some more spinach had I thought this through lol it would already have been done in the frig for this recipe way do 2 batches when you can do it all at once and keep it in the frig until ready to use.
I love my electric skillet for making quesadillas it is quick and easy...I do one with
Beans/Spinach/Mushrooms/Green onions and one with cheese..Then I put together and squish with a plate on top :O)
Beans/Spinach/Mushrooms/Green onions

Verdict: I couldn't get enough of this I made 2 and cut into wedges that I took to work to eat later in the afternoon it was perfect can't want to make them again....

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