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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 2 No Kitchen Sink

It all started with a leaking drippy noisy faucet that has been doing this for almost a year...My dad come over to help fix this issue on Sunday they day when all the stores close early and anything that can go wrong does...

  1. D-Dad turned the water off outside(u see I have a very old mobile home 1972 so we have no turn off valves inside )
  2. D- Dad took faucet apart to pull out the washer assuming this was the issue just needed new ones so off to the store for those.
  3. Got those washers in turned the water back out everything then was leaking around the faucet even underneath it under the sink. Coming down from the top turned water back off.
  4. D- Dad went back to the store to get turn off values to put in the house to keep from running in and out of the house while working on this issue….
  5. Wrong those turn offs didn’t turn off the water in the mobile home under the sink the water was still leaking out…
  6. D-Dad went back to the store to get value turn off/cap it off for right now….
  7. Put those in finally still leaking some (very little) then D-Dad went home for the night as he was not feeling well….
  8. Monday morning D-Dad was to come back and fix the sink Dad was sick- with a very bad something so he was home in bed….
  9. No kitchen sinks what the heck to do?

Step 1 Off to the dollar store I went to get 2 wash basin to uses in the sink

Step 2 Got back home and filled those 2 basins in the bath tub and carried them to kitchen sink trying not to accidentally spill them or drop them…..I did neither... but figured out a better way AFTER I did this…Get a water pitcher (Kool-aid Jug) and fill with hot water and carry with no issues at all.

Verdict: I am thankful from running water in the home…I can’t ok don’t want to imagine pumping water out of a water spigot or even caring water in pails from a creek & heating over an open flame….

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