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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homemade Vegetable Broth

I started off reading a lot of recipes about using scraps (leftover veggies for meals gone by ) by creating a Scrap Bag in the freezer and collecting enough to fill a gallon ziploc from every day leftovers a spoon or carrots or some leftover onions.
Well that would be great however I wanted broth now :O0 Yes instant gratification that is how most people are
.So basically set out to figure what I had on hand water/herbs/veggies so I set out to give it a try with what I had on hand in the house.


Step 1 Located my large crockpot- A must for this so I don't have to baby sit it as this afternoon I have a few errands to run and boiling broth on the stove would be a pain. So I poured water into my crockpot I am not sure on the measurement I winged it.


Step 2 I love to have celery on hand when I need it I dice it up and freeze it but then I am left with all these great still use full tops and ends I have ran them before in the food processor to use in recipes that call for celery but this time I used them in this broth...and 2 bags (4 cups) of diced celery went into the freezer for use later :O)


Step 3 This time with the tops and end I gave them a rough chop and dropped them in the the crock-pot
along with......


Step 4
I needed to dice up my green onions so I would have them ready to use over the weekend for meals I don't have the time to diced them daily when I wish to use them so I pre-diced and fill up a mason jar with them when needed...Major Time saver so I had leftover tops and bottoms of these as well pieces that were a little wilted so I trimmed the roots of and diced those up as well into the crock-pot they went.


Step 5
As I was raiding my re-frig I noticed this bag of carrots that need to be used up asap & so I rinsed and diced them as well into the broth water they went :O)

Step 6
Other ingredients I added

Minced garlic from a jar that need to be used and 3 tbsp. of parsley dried

Started this around 1 pm....and ending it at 7 pm...Note to self lol start earlier in the am so it can start cooling down around 6pm and be ready to freeze at 9 pm :O)

Verdict: Needed some salt but will add that when using as well as more onions next time but yielded me 8 cups of broth :O)

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