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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why Frozen Meals?


This recipe goes together well I have used both tortillas and wonton wraps I pre-make them for quick dinners as well as to make sure my dd has something to eat on the nights I work 12 hours if I didn't have time to make dinner before I got to work I know she can grab this out thaw it and reheat it in the toaster oven in 30 mins. The part I like best is I can make huge batches of say 20 + and know they are always ready and waiting for me in the large freezer outside.

What I love about this recipe is I don't have to use those boxed mixes to get a nice side dish. I use to go thru 2 boxes of mixes for every dinner say $2.00 per meal this I can keep the ingredients on hand which most of them I already do plus I can change the tomato part to what ever I have on hand and it always turns out great and freezes well this allow me to just be able to grab & nuke straight from the freezer.

Crock-pot Recipe is great and this allow me to be able to make this on my day off and portion control them out for quick grab and go lunches as well as larger amounts for dinners. I have used the recipe to make both Pinto beans and Black Beans with no issues.. I plan to try it with others that I have hiding in the cabinet as well just to use them up..

So back to dinner I was able to pull everything out to thawish around noon & all I have to do is either nuke or place in the oven for 30 mins I could even nuke the burritos however I prefer them crunchy that is why they are in the oven plus I can then pour enchilada sauce that I have on hand that is frozen as well just for this type of quick meal if I want it enchilada style. I love having these quick meal available in the freezer for nights when we can't decide what to eat just like today...

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