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Thursday, September 30, 2010

HELP!! Pricing

I am having a Park wide mobile home yard sale this weekend and I need some help pricing a few of the types of crochet projects I have made just for something to keep my hands busy while at work and while watching TV at night I am not looking to get rich just make some $$ to do dinner out w/ dd daughter.

I know from a Craft fair I went to last year people wouldn't even purchase a 4 piece baby layette set for $20 (crib size blanket,baby sweater, baby hat and booties all matching sets) or a nice shell baby blanket full size for $10.00 so this is why I need your help.

I also know you take the price of supplies so say $3.00 and times that by 3 times the amount plus time however around here $9.00 for a pair of baby booties is a little too high!!

Here a pictures of the items I have currently made to sell..


Supplies used? To make 10 about $ 3.00
1 ball of yarn $2.28
1 roll of ribbon $.33 cents on sale

SOLD- 1 set per Ziploc baggie


Supplies used to make 10 this is an estimate size I didn't figure out the amount of yarn..

To make 10 about $ 3.00
Girls bracelets- $1.50 for 10
Yarn $2.28

Towel rings sold 3 ways

  • Individual rings- per baggies
  • Set of 2 rings-per baggies
  • Individual rings w/ holiday towel

Thanks for your input

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