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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Don't have time Bullshit!!!! Part 2

Last night on the way home I stopped at Fry's picked up 2 (3lb) packages of boneless chicken breast for $5.00 each. Took them home put them in the refrigerator for thawing maybe by morning.

5 am

I got up to go to the restroom I decide since I was up I would grab both crock pots drop the chicken in them & get them started well I took a few extra mins from my rest time to place 4 of the breasts into Ziploc baggies & threw them in the freezer as they were still frozen and DD could use them later for quick meals.

520am-9am sleep more since I am still fighting this summer cold.. and I have to work tonight for 12hrs


Pulled the sheets off the bed

Started my work clothes and get them out of the clothes line

Filled up 5 containers w/ my 6 pound ketchup deal I got at Costco for $ 2.50

Shredded the 2 pots of cooked chicken w/ DD help bagged it all up got 24 snack sizes bags 1.5 cups extra
put it into a gallon ziploc baggie & into the freezer it went

DD peeled up 6 carrots while I was shredding up the meat

Grabbed out a box of chicken broth from the pantry

Grabbed out a pre-diced frozen celery from the freezer

Skimmed the crock-pots of (fat from the chicken) I poured all the extra broth into one crock pot

In Crock pot went that extra 1.5 cups of shredded chicken/carrots/dehydrated onions/celery to make soup for 2-3 hours dd will place it in the frig after it cools when I get up in the morning I will boil noodles allow them to cool & add them to the soup & portion them out in containers to freeze I assume I will get at least 6-8 bowls or more of quick made soup.


Spent time w/ DD at the Library and got some movies to watch & a few books

Went to Target I wanted to price check a few things picked up some Ziploc products on sale & used coupon

Went to Fry's and pick up Toilet Paper on sale & used coupons and cookies in the clearance rack for snacks

1 pm-2 pm

Watched TV w/ DD and made Mashed Potato quesadilla for breakfast (shredded cheese/potatoes/sour cream & onions)

Packed my lunch/dinner/snacks- leftover meatloaf/mashed potatoes/frozen corn/Asian Chicken Salad and 2 cookies that I picked on clearance Rack at Fry's today (also grabbed a bottle of Ketchup to leave at work)


Quick ghetto pictures but you get the point

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