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Friday, September 10, 2010

Don't have time Bullshit!!!!

People are always saying they don't have time to cook dinner or lunches I say Bull here is why I say this it only takes planning this is what I was able to do in just over 2 hours.... Last night around 5 pm DD took a pound of ground turkey meat out of freezer to thaw in the refrigerator for dinner for the next night...

I woke up at 730 am

  • Turned the toaster oven on

  • Grabbed the Ziploc baggie of thawed meat & large mixing bowl.

  • Grabbed a box of stuffing I got on clearance for 69 cents for a box of 2 stuffing mixes :O) dropped 1 packaged mixture into food processor to mix up to smaller pieces

  • While that was spinning I sprayed a 8 x 8 glass pan w/ oil.

  • In large mixing bowl I dropped the meat/one egg/fresh ground pepper/dehydrated onions and when the food processor stopped I poured half of the mix into bowl mixed up well

  • Then spread it out in the prepared pan and into the oven it went.

  • The bowl into the sink to soak.

  • Large pot was filled with hot water placed that on stove turn burner on.

  • Located my 5 lbs bag of potatoes peeled half & diced them up & into the boiling water they went. The others got washed and into the crockpot lined w/ foil those went (turned on as I walked out the door for work since those are for dd when she got home to handle putting in the refrigerator for herb/oiled potatoes this weekend.

Then at 800 am

  • Started a load of laundry

  • Located my to-go meal container as I have several styles & lunch box for work.

  • Checked my emails and a few websites

  • Located my clothes for work

  • Got all my work stuff into the car

  • Washed the dishes

Then it was 9 am

  • Mashed potatoes needed my attention so I drained them mixed them w/ butter and sour cream and very little milk.

  • Filled my to-go container and had 3 -1 cup portions of mashed potato containers for the freezer & 1 cup for mashed potato quesadillas for breakfast tomorrow am

915 am

  • Pulled out the meat loaf to cool before cutting some turned off the oven.

  • Went to get dressed for work

  • Prepared breakfast Chicken Wrap in to foil & in plastic baggie to go

930 am

  • Cut meatloaf into 4 pieces.

  • 3pieces into a container & into the refrigerator

  • 1 pieces into my to-go container along w/ frozen corn from the freezer

  • Grabbed my little mason jar filled it w/ tablespoon of butter/shredded cheese and green onions

  • Poured water into the meatloaf pan to soak

  • Loaded my lunch box w/ Chicken wrap/meatloaf plate/mason jar/ silverware

Already and done by 945 am :O) and off to work and dinner for dd & me already done..see pretty picture....


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