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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Don't have time Bull Shit!! Part 3

My Sunday was only sleeping & preparing my lunch since I got off work at 0400 and had to leave my house by 2 PM to return and I didn't get the Chicken Soup noodles boil & the soup in the freezer it had to waited to Monday. (see how life happens)

But Monday I was a little low key do to still being sleepy as I went to be at 0400 am

9 am-11 am
  • Woke up and washed leftover dishes from weekend
  • Filled a soup pot w/ boiling water to make egg noodles for the Chicken Soup from Sat
  • Grabbed a pot and dropped some oil in the bottom to also fry up the ground turkey dd pulled out that was thawed on counter to make Crock-pot lasagna
  • During this I accidentally got side tracked while still waking up and I realized my pot would need more oil and as my oil bottle I keep on the counter was empty and needed refilling I set off to do just that forgetting the pot on the heat and was medium/high .I had not dropped the meat in to start cooking but off I went to filled the bottle to my great surprise I smelled smoke as it was filling the kitchen & realized I really burnt my pan BAD!!! Super Crap!!!
  • Off to grab a new pot to restart this plan new oil & new pan w/ turkey frying.
  • The noodles were done so drain & cooled them down really quickly
  • Grabbed the crock-pot out frig that contained Chicken noodle soup w/ out noodles along w/ containers to put the soup in I layered the Soup/Noodles into the containers and ended up with 4 soups for lunches and 2 larger containers for dinner night.
  • For Cleaning the pantry challenge I am doing I grabbed Lasagna noodles, Garlic/Italian Seasoning/Jar of Sauce and from the frig shredded cheese and I grabbed the crock-pot and finished the lasagna and into the crock-pot it went by 10 am & turn it on
  • Cleaned out extra freezer space donating to Grandma's house all the beef/pork products in the freezer no-one here will eat since dd is now unable to eat them.
  • Into the freezer space went the 6 containers :O) of Chicken noodle soup
  • You guessed it back to washing the remaining dishes and trying to remove the burnt stain from my pot.
11 am -2 pm
  • Picked up dd from school
  • Dropped off food at grandma's house
  • Thrift shopping at a local store I would be driving past (books & yarn for crafts)
  • Costco to pick up Microsoft Office 2010 for $119 for DD computer great deal
2pm-6 pm stuff around the house & relaxed tried to nap

6pm-630pm- Started Pillsbury French Bread for dinner w/ Lasagna & plated food

7pm -11pm watched TV w/ dd and worked on crochet projects to sell


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