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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How the Hell to stretch a rotisserie chicken??

Today I needed a quick meal due to a small mishap at my house that was already planned for dinner. DD left the chicken breasts out to thaw some before putting them in the frig however when I got home from work several hours later they were still sitting out and warm..So into the trash they had to go & off to the store I needed to go grab something quick to make for my lunch we decided on a rotisserie chicken since they are precooked and were on sale this week for $3.99 at my local store & they were cheaper then a whole chicken in the meat dept that was yet to get cooked and it was still cheaper then a whole chicken on clearance as well. Can you say can't beat that deal? I have also previously pick one up on clearance for $2.99 just a few weeks ago cold in the deli dept which was nice as well for quick chicken noodles soup after we used most of the meat for other meals.


Meal 1 and 2 from that old bird

While shopping for a few things I also grabbed 2 onion/cheese rolls from the bakery for 2/89 cents & decided to use 1/2 of one breast to make 2 sandwiches on those rolls. :O) Can you say YUMMY!!! One sandwiches was for my breakfast and the other was for my dinner at work tonight. I think it was better then going to Wendy's and getting a Chicken Sandwich there for $3.99 minus all the grease.... You can see the picture I am posting below of the quick sandwich I made I also like that I can control what goes on the sandwich for condiments & how much :O) plus all those items where free from the frig so the price for 2 sandwiches I would estimate was less then $2.00 I was able to create 2 nice sandwiches.

Meal 3 from that old bird

The other chicken breast well be put to go use by my dd for a quick chicken wrap for lunch today. But since she only used a small part that will be used as well for meal # 4. But the price for her lunch would also have been around $2.00 since she just used the chicken meat & purchased a head of lettuce for $1.00 which she only used a little bit & the rest will go for other uses this week. We had on hand in the frig at home tortillas and condiments needed to complete the meal.


Meal 4+ from that old bird

Tomorrow I plan to make a batch of Southwestern Eggroll Recipe to freeze for quick meals later in the month the cost for this will be a little higher but under $3.50. The wonton wraps where $2.50 per package & I will need to stop at the Dollar store tomorrow morning & grab a bag of spinach for $1.00 to use in the wraps as well as for me to eat for salads.


Stretching Meals is hard for most people since most people see food and tend to eat everything in meal #1 & don't try to stretch that food into more then one or two meals. With a little planning which is mostly just using your BRAIN!!! you to can create simple meals & stretch foods you would normally not think about doing I have to stretch my budget as well as the food so this part of menu planning is second nature but for people who have just run to the store every time they want something & not think it thru this is what cause your budget to be over every month..
Yes I went to the store 1 time for 1 issue in the month that was not necessary however for me was budgeted it as I picked up other things needed in this trip today that I planned to do on Monday morning now I can sleep in since I work nights :O)

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