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Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Toy


As you can see it's just a little blender however the reason I purchase this style was for a few reasons which I will list.

1- Price $20.00 over $54.00 for a Magic bullet at Walmart

2- I have a 2 food processors however when trying to mince herbs (the blades are to HIGH) to mince them up this has a smaller/lower blend that I think will be perfect (the blend it just like the type in a coffee grinder which was $12.00 at Walmart and would only be good for chopping herbs since I don't drink or use coffee so that would be a big waste of money)

3- I thought it was cool

4- To mix up dressings

Verdict I used the blender today (Monday) for mincing up Fresco peppers/green onions and red peppers love it...I can already see me using this Blender a lot more the my food processor

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