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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Venison Roast

Got a phone call from grandma's house telling me we have lots of deer & elk in the freezer & you need to take some home... ( ME???) I have not had elk or deer in lets say a very long time if I would have to guess how long...I was maybe 15 year old I am ok are you sitting 37 going on 57... some days I feel this way..

Step 1

Pick a piece of meat from freezer.I open door of freezer to find about 25 white packages now to read all the labels and decide.(Pheasant/Elk/Dove/Deer)

Step 2

Pick only deer meat (I didn't want to get to adventurist

Step 3

Locate a recipe since I have never cooked it before. This should have been step 2 but why think before your pick meat lol.


Step 4 The Recipe players

Venison Roast

Minced Garlic
2 apples
Green onions
Chicken stock- in place of bouillon/water- just in-case needed


Who was I going to Sell it to? Looking around see no-one but.....

Big help you are....:O)I know your wishing for a piece to accidentally drop....


Step 5

Remove the roast from the nice white paper (rinsed blood off) notice when placed in to crock-pot I still had blood issue (rinse again) then I removed the nice white twine holding the happy roast together as well.


Step 6

Added the apples and garlic cloves

Step 7

Green onions- place crockpot lid on and turned on from 9-5 no broth needed plus cooked this on low


Step 8

Used my large 6 qt crockpot was too big ( that is why the edges of pot are brown) since I just purchased the new little crockpot today however when I made this roast it was last week I am behind blogging...

Verdict: LOVED IT!!!

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