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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Update Home Life Around the Holidays

Most people think I am just a scrooge since I prefer to skip them if I could however that is not the case. Growing up Holidays for me always meant family drama/BAD gifts or people not getting what they wanted ie all around drama.
Growing up every holiday my grandma made Xmas a pain by trying to cause as much DRAMA as possible to even get everyone fighting over stupid things most the time someone would leave due to this.
I am a very giving-helpful person ..However my brother is just the opposite as possible he is the type of person who forget even simple holidays like Mother's day or will go I didn't realize coffee cups were a very bad gift for my parents. Yet he would expect


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  2. Same here, home time around the holidays was full of bad drama, arguments and who could spend the most money on gifts. If you couldn't spend a lot of money on a gift you were looked down on by others in the extended family. Some, who had lots of money to spend, would lord it over the rest that they were better people because of the money they had. Those very same people, however, would be the last to donate to charities - if they had a 'tag' sale (they refused to call it a yard sale) anything they didn't sell ended up going to the dump rather than Goodwill or the DAV (disabled veterans).

    Over the years I've found the holidays in general to be very depressing and these days, in this economy, am horrified at people who can't afford rent are out there spending like crazy to keep their kids happy because they have to have the latest and greatest. The Wii from two years ago isn't good enough, now they have to have both a PS/3 and the new konnect for Xbox.

    *sighs* I look at the christmas specials on TV over the years and wonder if any of that has ever really existed or if it's just more hollywood hype.

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