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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Shout of 4 Celery


I picked up 3 bunches of celery as stated below in my blog post to dice & freeze to use in soups as well as for the holiday I will be freezing more as I see it on discounts.

The question most people say why dice it yourself ?? Just stop in the freezer area of the store and purchase it for $1.00 PLUS a bag...but my question to myself was does it take that much longer to chop it up yourself?

Well I got up for work early (got a wrong number call) and since I was awake 30 mins early I said to myself do the celery NOW don't wait another day..


So into the kitchen I went to get out the cutting board and large chopping knife... I diced up the 3 bunches of celery but as I was doing this I remember someone on one of those Food Network cooking shows chop up the celery top as well. I put them into a bowl while I kept dicing away thinking to myself

(Me chop those up well yeah right they were very leafy and must be hard to chop up since I had never does this) but I keep chopping up the celery and filling the freezer containers but then it got me thinking....


I thought well maybe in the food processor?? I grabbed my food processor and dropped all those nice leaf tops into the processor so I wouldn't waste any of the celery. I was shocked to see those tops yield 2 cups.


Just stuff them in their :O) that part was easy and fun...no right or
wrong way to do it....(My kind of task)


I was also rewarded with a nice diced product....


2 (2 cups) baggies of celery
1 (1 cups) baggie of celery
1 (2 cups) baggie of celery tops

I even had time to wash the dishes a well before I got dressed for work :O) So yes it was worth the 30mins it took me to do this task....which will yield my family well.

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