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Thursday, October 21, 2010

DD Layered Chicken Enchiladas


This is a picture of the layered enchiladas dd make for dinner the other night she is getting great at cooking :O) these were YUMMY...
She made this on Monday Oct 18th
after school for dinner.

Step 1

1 packet of enchilada sauce

1 can of tomato sauce
3 cups water

Mix this and heat to a boil & simmer in pan on stove.

Step 2

Grease a 8 x 8 pan or a loaf pan and turn the toaster oven on 350*F

Step 3

If using a using loaf pan cut the tortillas usually about 6-8 in half this will allow them to fit into the loaf pan easier if using 8 x 8 pan leave whole

Step 4

Gather whatever ingredients you prefer in your enchiladas we used shredded cheese and shredded chicken only.

Step 5

Layered sauce on bottom enough to lightly coat the bottom then tortilla/ then shredded chicken/then enchiladas sauce / then cheese & repeat until done.

Step 6

Place in toaster oven on a cookie sheet in case it bubbles over for 45 mins then remove let sit for 15 mins before cutting/serving.

Yielded 4 portions

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