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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fresh & Easy Clearance Deals


Picking up clearance deals is great and for my family cuts the budget alot. Sometime you have to be patient and wait for what you desire to be on mark down but it's worth it for us.

Today I stopped at my local Fresh & Easy since I was going to be in the area to see what clearance deals they had and this is what we got today.

3 -10 oz pre-diced onions for .52 cents each regular price $1.49
1-12 oz container of guacamole for $1.40 regular price $3.99
1-12 oz container of 4 cheese pasta $1.29 regular price would be near $3.99
1-18 oz BBQ Pasta for $1.05 regular price is $2.99
Plus I got $2.00 off due to the onions being 2 for $2.00 :O)

I paid $4.40 but would have spent $15.44 saved $11.04

The 4 cheese pasta was split for 2 side dishes for me for work Sat & Sun
The 3 containers of onions got popped into the freezer for use later in meals.
The BBQ Pasta Dear Daughter will eat some for dinner Saturday & Sunday
The guacamole will be my treat on Sunday w/ chips.

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