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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fresh & Easy /Fry's Discounts


I have been noticing lots of veggie going on discount at my local Fresh & Easy to me that means $avings for me....& lots of soups for the winter time cheaper..Sometimes it's not just veggie but meals as well as seeds or nuts. It doesn't matter to me what the deals are as long as it is food we will use....

I just picked up the following items today

3 bags of sunflower seeds expired March 2012 for $.50 a bag $1.50 total regularly $.99 savings $1.50

1 bag of pumpkin seeds for $ .69 cents regularly $1.38 savings $.69 cents

25 bags of Enchilada Sauce $.30 cents regularly $.59 however in bigger store chains it has been costing me $1.50 a packet so this was a great discount I will be using this during the holiday for Buffet table !! 14.75-$7.50=$7.25 but in the store savings was $37.50

4 bags of shredded carrots for $ .52 cents each regular price $1.49 savings was $2.08- 5.96 =$3.88

Sara Lee Bites I picked up at Fry's for get this $1.00 each I purchased 5 the regular price was $5.99 each savings was $$$$ $29.95- $24.95

Break down=>>>Price Spent $16.52 Original Cost $77.76 Savings $61.24

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