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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Microwave Strawberry Jam

I have been surfing the net for weeks reading recipes for microwave jam. I also wanted to find one that didn't need lots of ingredient as well as no specialty products just basic ingredients I have found one & decided what the heck lets try it here is the Microwave Strawberry Jam


I was able to grab this one for under $8.00 a walmart the other day as I wanted badly to make jam or better yet I couldn't get the jam idea out of my mind..it was driving me crazy


Place a plate in the freezer for your test plate to see if the jam has reached the setting point. I forgot to snap a picture so I did it on the fly.


You will also need Mason jar to store your finish product in I was not sure how much it would yield per batch so I grabbed 6 jars & lids just to be sure I had enough.


Per batch you will need the following items in my picture I have enough for 2 batches

500 grams (2 cups) = 1 pound or 16 oz of strawberries, washed, hulled and chopped
375 grams (1 1/2 cups) of white sugar
Juice from 1 large lemon


I read you didn't need to dice the fruit as it will mash down however I prefer not so huge of pieces in my jam (mashed down or not) so I sliced them up into the measuring cup added less sugar as I also don't want too sweet of jam (3/4 cup)of sugar and 1/2 of a lemon for the juice.


I popped it in the microwave on on high for 4 mins ( Watch it can cover it with wax paper to avoid it boiling/rising over the top) This is a picture at this point. I stirred it and back into microwave for 15 mins more


The next step is making sure your jam has set well from experience with this batch what you are looking for is most of the liquid to have evaporated you don't want super soup mix it should be thick.. If you place a tablespoon of mixture on the plate wait 10 seconds and run your finger threw the jam and the area you ran your finger threw has merger back together ( so you wouldn't see where you put your finger threw it is not ready) if it goes back super slowly then it is set.They call this the wrinkle test.


You can process them in a water bath (have to try this next time to store them on pantry shelf)

Fill your jars the picture is what I got after completing 2 batches :O)I allowed them to cool and placed them into the refrigerate to set more ( they were not thick as I preferred next time I will cook longer but Damn it was great on toasted English muffin

Verdict: Can't wait for the next batch with different fruit!!

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