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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Whatz 4 Lunch Day 2


At 8 am in the morning on Saturday I got up seasoned 4 chicken breasts popped them in my toaster oven for both my lunches and my daughter's dinners since I would yet again be at work during dinner time (I work nights on the weekends) I also grabbed a bag of carrots diced/cooked them up adding brown sugar along w/ some butter before dropping this mix into my food processor. I was able to get 3 containers from the carrots ( which meant I would have enough for 3 meals approx 1 cup each) I will throw one in the freezer for quick meal prep for next weekend... I had the Soy mashed potatoes in the freezer so I just broke a few pieces out of the Ziploc baggie and added that to the tray as well. DD also during this time cooked up 2 ears of fresh corn on the cob so it would be easy to just nuke for lunch/dinner. However I wasn't hungry enough for that so I saved it for tomorrow nights dinner.

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