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Sunday, August 1, 2010

August Menu

The W is for Days that I work and the H is for when I am home

Day 1- W- So it's fix it yourself
Day 2- H-Spiced Chicken/Mashed Potatoes/Corn Bread
Day 3- H-Meatloaf/ Corn on Cob/Baked Beans
Day 4- H-Spaghetti/Salad
Day 5- W-Pot-stickers & Rice for DD & I had Bean quesadilla w/Veggies
Day 6- W-DD had Southwestern Egg roll w/ Rice & I had Chicken Asian Salad
Day 7- W -Baked Chicken/Soy Mashed Potatoes/Pureed Carrots
Day 8- W-
Baked Chicken/BBQ Beans/Pureed Carrots/Corn On cob
Day 9- H-Skillet Enchilada/Mexican Rice
Day 10 H- Homemade Pizza & Homemade Ranch Dressing
Day 11 H- Leftovers
Day 12-W-
Cheesy Jalapeno Bagel Sandwich w/ Grn Onion Crm cheese/cheese and Turkey
Day 13- W-Lentil Chili w/ oyster crackers
Day 14 W-Turkey Burger /Herb Baked Potatoes
Day 15 W-Turkey Meatloaf/ Herb Baked Potatoes/Honey Glazed Carrots
Day 16 H- Chicken
Day 17 H- Pizza
Day 18 H-
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup/ oyster crackers
Day 19-W-Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup/ oyster crackers
Day 20 W-
Turkey Burger/ Risotto/Honey Glazed Carrots
Day 21 W-
Day 22 W-

Holy Crap I forgot to blog it lol... I have been craving burger since I can't change then ingredients to whatever mood I am in so over the last few weekends I have been having them :O)

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