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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walmart Shopping

I didn't get lots of deals here but I also had to purchase products
here that were cheaper then other places & they carry my dd milk.
Total Price $23.59
this will last 2 plus weeks.

DD Lactose Free milk $2.58
2% Milk $2.18
4 cans of Tomato Sauce $.26 each (4 batches of enchilada sauce)
BBQ Lays Chips $1.00 each
2 package of Egg Noodles $1.25 each (4 meals of soup)
Large bag Animal Crackers $1.94
1 bag Croutons $1.00
1 jar Pasta Sauce $1.22
Tortillas $1.84
Philly Crm Cheese 4 mini cups $1.84-$.50 off coupon (2 meal uses per cup)
1 Plain Greek Yogurt $1.00-$.30 cents off coupon
1 bag Mints $1.00 in place of anti-acids works better for me

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