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Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Plans

This month will be creative trying to use up lots of household items first before spending. I will have to purchase a few things like special milk for my dd who is now lactose intolerant as well as condiments/shredded cheese/bread. But I want to see how creative I can be this month.

I also plan to try out a new blog concept called Whatz 4 Lunch? Where I will snap a shot of my lunches I take to work.To maybe inspire other who keep ask what to take as well as try to photo my weekly dinners as well.

This will save me lots of dough that I will now be saving in my new coffee can :O) as my stash $$. So the more I can save each week that will go into the can if I budget say $25.00 for that weeks extras and spend only $10 the $15 goes the can.

I will also start getting ready for this October's Park Sale where I plan to have some craft items to sale like T-towels & hanging t-rings. Yes I have lots of plans and I will see what I can get from this cute sale I am thinking about also maybe doing a few bake sale items to get extra money as well. We shall see...

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