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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whatz 4 Dinner Day 11


I woke up this morning a 9 am going crap I forgot to pull meat out of the freezer last night before I went to work for me to cook this morning for dinner tonight. Well I knew I had the ranch & peppers in my frig and I can get 2 slices of pizza a local pizza place down the street from my house for $4.00 including a drink. So on the way out the house I stopped and got 2 slices for the road. Next time I have pizza for lunch it will be homemade on these pita bread :O) I can bake it at 9 am allow it to cool/slice/pack it to go for less $$.. I guess as of late I have been slacking on getting in the mood for food.Must be this damn hot weather here..

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