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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whatz 4 Dinner Day 10


Spend 30 mins & cook up 2 pounds of ground turkey and taco seasoning. Then divide it into portions you would use per meal each time you eat tacos. This allowed me to create 10 (1/4 cup portions) for quick grab & go lunches/dinners. Extra prep work also includes bagging shredded cheese & 2 tortillas but for me I have these items on hand it take me less then 5 mins to pour shredded cheese/green onions in a to go cup & drop 2 taco shells in ziploc baggie into my lunch they go. I prefer to use containers over (Ziploc baggies ) as much as possible it costs me ZERO to wash them so I have lots of different sizes & jars containers I use to tote my lunch in.

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