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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Getting Healthier Part 2

Let's talk about the first few weeks...I started this on March 1st well that was tons of fun, Not trying to figure everything out and get ready as I work weekend so I put off getting ready until the next weekend when I had time to plan everything out and get ready (measuring/menus/walking routine planned out and try to create a few menus). But while I was getting ready to start I search the net for new recipes/what is a serving information.. The tools from Choose my Plate.gov really helped me figure out thing for servings. 
I am that type of person who can't really see the size of the palm of your hand? Say what??? My brain just don't workie that way.. same as 1 cup is a serving of broccoli have you ever tried to stuff broccoli into a 1 cup measure cup?? not pretty just kidding my that don't work for my brain either when I am trying to prep food I am more of a 12 mini carrots is a serving...So I was able to print cheat sheets for everything I needed to know...Veggie/Fruits//Dairy (Grains/Meats not working w/ these right now but later this month I will be so I printed those as well) and they are all in a quick grab binder near my kitchen..

I have allowed 1 junk food in my snack options not daily but I can have it a few times a week trail mix (choc chips/caramel chips/cranberries/almond & cashews) I limit this as well to 1/4 a cup and I have it ready in container (Tupperware style) .Started limiting my going out to eat we (DD & I ) can only go out one day a week to eat something like (fried chicken & Loaded french fries & soda ) not on my diet plan I must allow this so I will not get off track wanting to eat out 2-3 time a week that includes snacks or crap at the Quicktrip-- that is a gas station in our area (that I end up at sometime 2-4 time a day w/ my job so the temptation is there) I stay in the vehicle while everyone else goes inside to get junk. 

Menu Planning is a MUST for ME even if it's only one day at a time plan. I have changed a few things after week one due not being able to get all my required food items in....I work 4 days a week but I work very weird hours (3 AM-3PM or 3AM to 11 AM) and I work outside of an office building in a vehicle most of the days 2 of my days are 12 hours shift Sat & Sun and 2 are 8  hours shifts Mon & Tue. I have some challenges in when I can eat vs when I am hungry so I have been tweaking this more and I think I got a better plan for this week.. Here is an example of a what I was eating before I started this diet.  

215 AM- Whole Wheat Bagel w/ Almond butter and large cup of milk (1.5 cups with lots of ice) 

or  20 oz smoothie w/ 1.5 cup of yogurt/ fruit/half and half lots of ice

6 AM- 1/2 cup of steel cut oatmeal, 1/2 cup half & half ,brown sugar & cinnamon,and 1/2 cup of dried apples 

or I would go get Mexican Food 1 cup of Mexican rice & 1 cup of refried beans and a lunch bag size of tortilla chips w/ salsa...

11 AM-12 PM if I had Mexican I would still be full but if not the lunch, would be leftover something from the night before example would be a salad (croutons,ranch dressing, peppers, lettuce,cheese) and whole wheat spaghetti w/cheese and lots of veggies

2 PM Snack- Cookies (6 or more)
4-5 PM Dinner- Honey Mustard Chicken breast, loaded baked potato-sour cream-butter-green onions, broccolli

7 PM Snack- Huge bowl of ice cream w/ caramel sauce & cashews..  
To drink every day Lots of Tea w/ ice

Now I eat like this....
2 AM-Half a whole wheat bagel & 32 grapes
7 AM- Chicken Breast/cheese stick/6 carrots/4 whole wheat crackers
12 PM- 3 oz pudding cup-8 strawberries
4-5 PM 1/2 cup of whole wheat pasta/spaghetti sauce w/ extra 1/2 cup veggie / 4oz chicken breast w/1/4 cup of cheese and then 1 cup of salad w/ veggie

To drink every day Lots of Tea w/ ice

I changed the breakfast to get my fruit serving in everyday right off the bat and to skip the extra breakfast so that I can have lunch as I was usually to full at lunch time...& then I was to full at dinner some days as well due to all the snacking or junk I ate...

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