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Thursday, December 25, 2014

2014 Xmas

Starting the day off w/ a full blown cold..I have been busy this year blogging on my crochet blog location & have forgotten to post here :O) bad girl...This year I have been eating healthier & exercising I have not lose too much weight but my goal was both feel better and get moving so I have done that...In the new year I will be trying a few new idea the Doc suggest and see if that is the reason for the lack of weight...it could be a sugar issue so I will be trying to switch slowly to a GI Diet to get rid of sugar/processed foods in my diet...

I have been busy crocheting like crazy I met my goal of around 50 shawl to donate to Hospice this year so I did really well...

I also made lots of baby blanket for people as well this year so I have been a little busy there too. I/We also crocheted alot of holiday Xmas gifts this year as well....

I am still loving my NOOK too I have read 140 books so far due to having the Nook last year I was not 100 % sure that a Nook was really needed in my world however my Nook is a tablet as well and I use it all the time.. I like being able to download crochet pattern & picture of projects I have completed and they are right at hand vs (taking photos to carry around)which can be a pain and plus cost as well...So I would say my NOOK for $150 last year was a great B-day for me...:O)

Last night we took lots of Holiday pictures when we went light looking as well..

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