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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Getting Healthier Part 3

The big E word..Exercise! Who me no way...Well part of the plan to lose weight is to get moving..I agreed to walk 3 days a week for 30 mins however I walk 7 days to keep me on track and I avoid allowing myself to say I will tomorrow... The dietitian said I could break the 30 mins into 15 mins time frames when I first start..I have daily stretches as well.

The first week was very hard for me. I was not so aware of being that out of shape & just walking for 15 mins was hard to breath & had to use my inhaler to get my breath but I keep trekking and completed the whole 30 mins..The first few days were hard since I had not stretched never but I keep pushing myself that I need to lose this weight not only for me but so I can be here for my daughter & not have to have her take care of me due to my weight (I never want her to have to wash me or help me dress)...I never want to be that person in a electric wheel chair due to not trying to loose weight..this is my motivation to keep eating better and exercising every day... 

I have been walking since March 9th and I feel better more energy every day I use to be so sleepy all the time. I no longer need my inhaler before or during walking.Plus my knee that was hurting on and off has stopped :O)

I started going to the Gym last week w/ DD she is joining me on this eating healthier & get moving more... 30 mins in the tread mill and 15-30 mins doing the circuit of machines..

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