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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Exercise for Real People not barbie and her friends

I know if you search the net you can find just about anything ya want.. Well after searching high and low I found it...YIPPIE...and I am calling it Exercise for Real People not barbie and her friends but really people like me who are overweight--aka FAT and want to find a place but don't know where to start losing weight but sometimes you don't want others to know plus gym membership for some people including me is costly mine is $20 per month and it's not affordable to everyone so this will work to get you started & then get you up and out of the house!!! The local park is FREE!! and so is your local neighbor hood.

Back to what I found you-tube video series that is awesome!!! 2nd it's free and yes you can do it!!!  I have been doing 7 days a week exercise for months now... (when I started I could only lift say around 5-10 pounds and maybe do like 10 reps) depending on the machine work out now I am up to 40 pound and 20 plus reps and I am not seeing what I want in results or aka feeling it in my muscles anymore so I wanted to switch up my routine and try something else/new...
I few weeks ago I was checking this video out and thought wow great well yesterday I tried a few of the ideas (routine) I could remember on the fly at the gym well let me tell you it looked easy on the video but I found out it was hard for me so I only did 12 reps to start each exercise set but I made it through and guess what I am sore today yippie this means it works those muscle for sure!!! So I am adding the whole routine to my work out every other day to allow rest days...keep ya posted...


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  1. clicked on video, added it to my must keep, watch and do list. Thanks