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Friday, April 11, 2014

Diet Pudding LOL

I wanted a homemade pudding I could make that was simple as in crockpot style.. For DD who is lactose intolerant well look no more I found it!!! I came across this recipe and had to try it out.. So I grabbed my 1 % milk and some tapioca that I had previous bought for another recipe for this type of pudding that failed badly from the Asian market place which carries lots of things cheaper then supermarkets I can get a big bag of it for under $2.00. So into my 4 quart crockpot went half the recipe so I didn't waste too much milk making this and if it failed I would only toss out some...Cost for me was quart of milk which was on sale $.99 (half used) and maybe for the $.25 of the tapioca cheaper.. So I cooked it for 2 hours stirring it half way thru and at 2 hours it was still very soupy.. But the recipe person stated it would be.. ( I was thinking just great another bowl of wasted stuff)  I let it set for awhile to get to warm added so sugar half a cup..Didn't want overly sweet..put in frig still not thick & let it cool.. I skipped the Egg part I was very worried it would taste eggy that happened w/ the last gross batch I had made!!

This is what I got this AM... Nice Thick Pudding !!! it needs more sugar but I want to try with a few different options so I will test it in a bowls (honey/truvia/vanilla simple syrup/more sugar) and find the one I like best... Guess what I see lots of pudding in my future & I can used 1% or Lactose milk for DD :O) ie I can have this pudding on my Diet plan.....Yielded 4 cups 
Cheaper then store bought 4 little cute cups.Last month Costco had organic tapioca pudding containers same size u get 2 for $7.99 I can see the savings in my future I love pudding...


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