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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Fiance' Strikes Again

Well my Oamc cooking was going well until my dear Fiancé forgot to pull out the frozen dinner. So I need to stop at the store anyway to pick up lettuce anda few other items and found Boneless, skinless chicken breast big pieces for 5 breasts

for $5.43. (1.97lbs) Great deal at Fresh and Easy a local store that has food on

clearance/marked down when it is close To expire. However these packages of chicken are good until

April 8th next week. Plus there weekly chicken special on the breast were posted

as 2.67 lbs so I got it cheaperThere chicken is my fave it is large, moist and 1 breast and

feed my and my Fiancé a nice dinner usually they are so big.Can't wait to Crockpot them tomorrow to chop/shredded and

pre cook a few Oamc meals.Tomorrow after work. Now I have to find a few recipes to


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