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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home Life

Well my home life got crazy on Thursday. Decided to buy a pizzas with breadsticks ( $14) and I had earlier in the week purchased a can of pizza sauce for this day which cost was pretty good for a 28 oz can $1.30.

That all went well except I got sick a few hours later went to bed at 5 PM and slept like a baby until I got up at 2 am to go to work.I think my not sleeping enough caught up with me. I work 40 a week getting up at 2 in the morning and going to bed at night at 8 PM. You see I take care of my daughter who is currently staying at Grandma's house due to a surgery on her foot she was born 17 years ago with a birth defect called Bilateral club feet as most know from AR she just had surgery in Jan 09 to starting the last I hope phrase of surgeries to correct the issue we had to wait until her feet stop growing to do the surgery. I will listed a link that explains her birth defect and shows pictures of kids with it. So I have been working very hard being a mother :) . Guess what she plans to come home for a few days this weekend and I needed to get the house cleaned ( floors etc) for her Germ free zone so I had to clean her room which was teenager nightmare got to love teenager rooms, clean the walk ways and bathroom and kitchen the common areas she will be in alot over the weekend. Plus fold like 10 loads of laundry, cook and take her to the Dr office Friday ( yesterday) for an update on the foot. Good News it is finally healing as it had not been. So last night had to pick up all the stuff at grandma's including , wheelchair, walker, crutches and kid stuff to bring her home :) Plus get this I forgot about dinner Yes dinner!!

So my plan was Taco Salad I just had to pick up 2 ingredients Turkey meat and Catalina dressing. So I ran in the store and bought one and not the other left the parking lot and remebered had to turn around go back. Got to love when you forget :)

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