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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dinner Time For Saturday & Sunday

Well I decided to use the pre-cooked chicken and make BBQ chicken for Saturday. It was really good just heated the chcken in the skillet poured in a bottle of BBQ from the pantry ( still trying to use pantry items to clean it out NOT doing so well since I went shopping and seen a few extra specials and bought more items lol) the since I had small tortillas laying around so I used those and rolled the BBQ in them. I made homemade mexican rice and used that as a side dish. It took less then 30 mins. Quick and Simple.
Sunday I had still left over pre-cooked chicken so I made Red Chile Chicken enchildas for Fiance' in a 8 X 8 pan and for me I decided to go crazy and do Sour Cream Green Chlile Chicken enchildas. Both of these took 30 mins a piece to cook and look good. Served with the left over homemade mexican rice. 

Guess what I have leftover's  for dinner tomorrow night as well :) So I am doing really good :)

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