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Saturday, April 25, 2009


I still have lots of things to use up around the house. I have picked up few treat dinners for the new oven but will get back on track soon. I wanted to share how I would have had to pay $75.30 but paid only $41.02 saved $34.28. Well I could have saved more had I used coupons which I need to get into that as well.
I went to Fry's (Krogers) and purchased

4 (16 oz) Strawberries for $.77 regularly $3.99 saved $12.71 plus tax
2 (5.6 oz) Blackberries for $1.00 regularly $3.99 saved $12.71 plus tax
1 gallon Milk 2% for 99 cents regularly $3.99 saved $3.00 plus tax
4 large Jello Puddings Mixes $1.00 regularly $1.69 saved $2.76 plus tax
2 large Bags of Cereal for $2.50 egularly $3.39 saved $1.78 plus tax
1 Can Comstock Cherry Pie Filling $2.99 egularly $4.49 saved $1.50 plus tax
2 Pkgs Taco Mix 2 for 88 cents regularly $ 1.58 saved $.70 cents plus tax
1 bottle Lawrys Marinade $1.00 reguarly $3.49 saved 2.49 cents plus tax
10 Chicken Thighs $ .77 cents lbs paid $ 2.80 reguarly $4.32 saved $1.52 plus tax

few other items that were not on sale. I think I did well :)

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  1. I am amazed at the savings! Especially the berries and the milk.Living in the "dairy state" you would think milk would be cheap. Nope, $3.58 a gallon. Curious about what you pay for cheese there? Oh, and I FINALLY learned how to get logged on to Google...