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Monday, April 27, 2009

Prices and Tips I have used along the way

I try to create meal plans around what I can find a the store as well as what sounds good.
I also purchase food at Dollar Stores, Walmart, Asian/Middle Eastern Market and a regular store chains.The biggest thing for me is budgeting and trying my best to stick to it does it work every time NO!! I have the I want this and that issue just like every family out there but I just have to try harder next time. I also need to start using coupons. $2.00 for a Sunday Paper.

  1. First our Walmart will add match other local stores prices on sale items so that helps me from going to 1 or 2 extra stores. So I use this website to view ads each week http://www.sundaysaver.com/
  2. I pick up sale items as needed, seperate and freeze as needed but more important I add it to my master list of food inventory. ( I use my computer to type and change as needed) That way I can take the list with me when I go shopping ( ok I try to remember it)
  3. I also pick up Milk when on sale and cheese. I also pick up a medium size box of powdered milk ( mix 1 qt at a time in the refig and use in recipes as well as I mix 1/2 c reg and 1/2 powdered milk to drink with chocolate syrup been using this with my picky kid for years:)
  4. I also have a list of all the foods we like to eat. ( Sorta a Menu)
  5. My new goal is to take and create list of the foods I purchase be it Toothpaste to Turkey and create a master list so I can price match quicker for shopping I will always know 8 oz tomato sauce cans are 50 cents/30 cent and 79 cents at these 5 stores if I create a list plus it helps budgetting.
  6. Recently I have notice a trend here in AZ that the stores are trying to get you in to shop by special ads be it a 3 day sale or a $1.00 sale but you must remember a few tips 1 are you going to use that item, 2 can you make it cheaper, 3 how many do you already have and 4 do you have a coupon?
  7. I recently found this past weekend Rice a Roni on sale for $1.00 a box. I also have a recipe to make homemade Mexican rice so the bag of rice which I already had ( $2.99 for 10 lbs) plus chicken broth ( $1.00 box at the dollar store already had) El Pato Sauce ($1.00 already had) ($5.99 total already purchased on hand ) I made a double batch and I am getting ready to make another tonight and it was free :)
  8. I also have been using homemade mixes in place of bottled condiments or dressing (When I make enchilada sauce ($1.00 packet) will make 3 cups. I find that from time to time the local stores will have 2 for 88 cents or 2 for a $1.00 I will stock up. This past weekend I purchased a generic ranch packet (.79 cents) Mixed with items already had in the house 1/2 sour cream 1/2 mayo and 1 cup milk and had dressing all weekend for 79 cents.Plus tasted better. Purchased a four packet box of the same mix for $1.99 to keep on hand.

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