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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Crescent Dough Pizza

Pillsbury Seamless Dough Sheets for only 99 cents on sale... If I had a coupon it would have been less.....Great Deal
I quickly used parchment to line a large cookie sheet then rolled/stretched out the dough

Weeks ago I precooked shredded chicken in the crockpot for just grab and make a meal...This shredded chicken worked great for this pizza
A friend a work had purchased this jar to eat with chips but he didn't like it so I used it in the recipe as well....
Leftover steamed Broccoli was hiding in my refrig..I had a few days ago cooked up some mixed veggies
Shredded cheese from the frig ...So I quickly layered all the ingredients onto the dough rolled it up nicely then topped it with garlic & oregano and Butter.....


I was able to cut this up and eat 1/2 for dinner and the other 1/2 for lunch the next day for the cost break down listed below...

Precooked shredded chicken-Cost zero already in the house
Spinach Dip- Cost Zero got it from a co-worker
Veggies- Cost Zero already in the house ready to use
Shredded Cheese- Cost Zero already in the house ready to use
Dough Sheet- Cost 99 Cents

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