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Monday, May 2, 2011

Freezer Meals

Recently I have seen an increase desire to have meals made ahead stored in the freezer ready to go. For when that new baby gets here or when someone has surgery and yes even when parents are getting a little older and need a few meals tucked in their freeze so you can rest better knowing they ate…

I have repeatedly typed over and over that same tips and recipes today after yet again doing this I decided we needed a blog where everyone on can share tips and recipes and I can update or link them into the blog to save time for EVERYONE….Plus this will allow everyone one place to locate them as well.

I am not making this perfect since life isn’t and I know I am not but along the way I am trying to help someone else who has the same questions I had just a few years ago find some answers and recipes…


Use your slow cooker that can be your best friend in the kitchen..

Create a list of all the meal your family or u like...

Then next to the list above figure out how many times your family or you would eat said meal a week/month. This number will help you create a cooking plan..

Lets say your planning to do a 2 month menu/meal plan= 8 weeks you and your family plans to eat say 1 meatloaf one a week they you will need to make 8 meatloaves for those 2 months.

I prefer 8 x 8 pan size for meal for a few reason I will share since I have a family of 3 adults one being male who thinks he needs 2 pieces of main dish per meal I use 8 x 8 this allows for a total of 4 pieces with no leftovers to not get eaten.

Ziplock baggies work well for most meals as it allows/takes up less space then containers..

Label, Label, Label everything. (Recipe Name and Heating instructions if desired and anything else you need to know... Some people have placed this on index cards to assist with not writing on so they can reuse the bags for the next meal making session.)

Mexican Rice

Refried Beans

Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

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